Boat Hoists & PWC Lifts

Brawdy Marine Construction can install covered or uncovered boat hoists, boat lifts, and personal water craft (PWC) lifts tailored to your specific landscaping and watercraft needs. These lifts can be freestanding or mounted to existing or newly constructed docks, seawalls, or pilings.




MADE IN AMERICA. Brawdy Marine Construction exclusively uses Boat-Hoist USA for all of our boat hoists and lifts. The products of Boat Hoist USA are all manufactured in the United States in Longview Texas. Boat Hoist USA boasts that their hoists will “undoubtedly lift more, run smoother, and last longer than any other hoist on the market.” They also manufacture the only flat plate hoists with a lifetime warranty on the market. Just two reasons they are the number one choice for Brawdy Marine Construction


YOUR LAKE, YOUR WATERCRAFT, YOUR CHOICE. When preparing to install a boat hoist, boat lift, or PWC lift you need to take into consideration the overall weight and beam, or dimensions of your watercraft to determine the size and weight capacity of your lift. You will also need to consider the condition of the lake bottom and landscaping where it will be installed to determine how your lift will be mounted. Kueka, Canandaigua, Cayuga, Seneca, and the rest of the Finger Lakes’ bottom conditions vary greatly. We will meet with you personally to assess the site conditions and discuss the best options for your lake and watercraft. If the lake bottom is too deep or too soft for a freestanding lift, Brawdy Marine Construction can install pilings, docks, or retaining walls for mounting the boat hoist, boat lift, or PWC lift.


FULL SERVICE. Need to do some housekeeping before your waterfront is boat hoist or lift ready? Thanks to our barge system, Brawdy Marine Construction can access your property via land or water for easy debris removal and shoreline reconstruction and maintenance. 

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